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Comparison: Envion’s Therapure TPP440 and TPP540 Air Purifiers

By Milaw Holland September 11, 2020 0 comments

Envion’s Therapure TPP440 and TPP540 Towers are available to ensure you breathe clean air that is free from bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and dust. These air purifiers are made to provide maximum efficiency and purification via their 3-Stage Filtration System:

  • Stage 1: HEPA-type filter( traps germs, pollen, spores, and dust)

  • Stage 2: UV light (neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and germs that could cause illnesses in your home)

  • Stage 3: Photocatalyst filter (can eliminate even the most stubborn carpet fumes and paint)

The TPP440 and TPP540 both boast very convenient, top-of-the-line features:

  • LED display control panel, with night mode option

  • Capacity of up to 395 sq. ft. - ideal for medium to large rooms







Up to 395 sq ft.

Up to 395 sq ft.

Easy to care and maintain, cleanable filter, clean filter indicator 

Programmable Timer

Power consumption

Energy Star

Energy Star

Low noise level

UV-C germicidal light and control button






The TPP440 and TPP540 air purifiers have desirable Tower designs, making them  easy to place in almost any part of the house or office to provide efficient filtration where you need it most. Both models’ design includes a top-handle to make moving the purifier from room to room quick and convenient. 

The TPP440 and TPP540 air purifiers are very easy to maintain - just take a few minutes to vacuum their permanent HEPA-type filter when the “clean filter” light comes on on the purifier dashboard. You can follow the illustrated instructions in your manual to complete this process. 

Envion air purifiers, including the TPP440 and TPP540 models, produce a very low level of noise compared to other comparable units on the market today. The noise level for these units is estimated at <62 dB(a), which is comparable to the noise level of a dishwasher or a normal conversation. 

While the TPP440 and TPP540 models are very similar, they each have their strengths when it comes to the CADR rates. The TPP440 model performs best if you are looking to eliminate dust and pet dander while the TPP540 excels at eliminating smoke particles. The CADR rates for these models are as follows: 

  • TPP440 - (polen:163, dust:150, smoke:108)
  • TPP540 - (polen:138, dust:136, smoke:128)

Let us know in the comments if you want us to help you compare other purifier models.

Thank you for reading!

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